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Industrial Lighting

Jukolux Oy has developed product families for heavy industrial sectors where ATEX approval is not required. However, the promise of quality remains unchanged.

Highest Level of Quality

In industrial lighting, the common denominator is often more demanding conditions than usual. It may involve high spaces, dirty environments, or even process equipment. In any case, lighting should be maintenance-free, functional, long-lasting, and easy to install. Jukolux Oy aims to serve its industrial customers comprehensively, implementing lighting upgrades
according to customer preferences and tailoring the solutions to their needs.

Achieve Better Results with Light

In various industrial sectors, businesses seek a competitive edge in every aspect while trying to minimize costs. In industrial settings, lighting plays a more significant role than usual. Often, the areas are large, and a considerable number of luminaires are needed, which, in turn, increases costs. For this reason, particular attention must be paid to the energy efficiency and longevity of lighting. By upgrading to LED technology, you can achieve a longer lifespan, lower operating costs, and a brighter and safer working environment.


Industrial environments also vary from one extreme to another. Some locations have high temperatures and humidity, while others are cold and dry. There can also be a lot of dust or fibers in the air due to processes. The possibilities and combinations are almost limitless. Therefore, LED luminaires designed for industrial use should be just as versatile. For demanding industrial environments, we can offer luminaires built on the design principles of our ATEX lights. For other industrial sites, we can also offer our represented O-series products.


You can find lighting solutions for all industrial environments from us.


  • Minimize your carbon footprint with energy-efficient LED luminaires
  • Make purchases in line with the circular economy concept
  • Minimize maintenance needs


  • Create a safer working environment with more even and better light intensity
  • Bring lighting levels in line with standard requirements
  • Improve employee well-being


  • Minimize life-cycle costs with long-lasting LED luminaires
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Optimize the number of luminaires with tailored lighting design

Recent Installation Environments

One of our recent installation projects in the mining industry involved illuminating an underground road leading to a mine. Asymmetric light distribution was required to ensure the light spreads evenly across the road surface from the tunnel’s side wall. The project was implemented using the JUKO LT luminaire, with corrosion resistance and excellent optical solutions playing a crucial role.

With LT products for tunnels, we can implement pro-beam, counter-beam, or symmetric solutions. We can offer a product for all different solution models that is undoubtedly competitive by all standards.

One of our customers wanted luminaires for their generator room that would minimize maintenance costs. JUKO HT and LT products offered ease, energy efficiency, longevity, and maintenance-free operation. These are all excellent reasons that made the customer’s decision easier.

In the steel industry and other heavy industries, environmental temperatures usually rise to extremely high levels. This poses various challenges to LED lighting, especially LED power supplies. With the JUKOsolution, we can offer a solution that truly works.

High temperatures, humidity, and airborne fibers may not sound like the easiest environment for LED lighting. Efficient passive cooling, excellent housing design, and breathing valves make our luminaires an excellent choice for the paper industry.

When it comes to the food and beverage industry without ATEX requirements, the ISO22000 standard requirements usually come to the fore. In no situation should luminaires drop anything that could interfere with the processes below. Successful installations in ISO22000-certified facilities begin with JUKO products.

A precisely defined area that requires more light? High environmental temperatures? Vibration? Unique requirements demand unique solutions. Our industrial luminaires combined with JUKO centralized power distribution have been a winning solution in highly demanding industrial halls.

Our products are right at home in heavy industry. JUKO products are designed to withstand and operate in ATEX environments, so heavy industry is not a problem.

Environments where different acids and bases are in the air and the role of product coatings and surface materials is significant. The plastic compounds and aluminum surface treatment processes of our products provide good protection for most installation sites in the chemical industry.

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