What is a mesh network?

What if we could equip our luminaires with intelligent connectivity that just makes everything easier? Or provide you with an intelligent mesh device. With JUKOMESH solution, you don’t have to draw hundreds of meters of cable or rely on a few WIFI -routers. Our solution provides a fast, easy and reliable method of creating data network via intelligent mesh protocols. Just power up our JUKOMESH nodes and the network creates itself. It’s that easy.

Mesh networks are, in a nutshell, a way of connection things dynamically. One mesh node can be connected to multiple other mesh nodes and therefore data can be transferred through multiple routes. This makes it great for balancing loads and has a better fault tolerance. It doesn’t matter if one node drops out, the data will be transferred via another route.


JUKOMESH products can be installed inside JUKOLED products or as a stand-alone product. Our mesh nodes use state-of-the-art protocols for transferring data and it doesn’t matter how many nodes you have. The network can be as big as you want it to be!


How about the speed? 1Gbps. Yes, we can transfer multiple live video feeds through our network or any other data. We truly think the speed is not a problem.


This is the perfect way of connecting your remote areas, industrial areas, mines, tunnels or cities to your network.


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