Perfect for all challenging environments

Exceptional solution for all industrial environments. Mass customizable luminaire to meet all customer needs. This solution will fit most industrial environments and it can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Application: Industrial and demanding industrial environments

Mounting: Ceiling, Wall, Pipe/Pole, Wire


The JUKO® LXi is an industrial version of the JUKO® LX. It shares the same enclosure design but is equipped with non-ATEX components that offer more versatility. The enclosure design makes this product stand out from its competitors and with multiple different variations it will suit almost every industrial need. When combined with JUKODC power distribution solution, this luminaire offers an unique advantage that is hard to match.


JUKO® LXi can be installed in a vast variety of different industrial environments. It stays operational in both hot and cold environments. With versatile optical solutions and mounting options it can pretty much be installed where ever needed. It is best suited to replace old fluorescent tubes or other linear lighting solutions.

Our latest industrial installations:

Mining Industry

For mining industries the latest installation was in an underground road where the light distribution was asymmetrical to cast an even light on the road surface. The LXi is corrosion proof with special PolyAmide6 blend enclosure and suits perfectly for different mining environments (excluding atex).

Tunnels / Road Tunnels

For road tunnels we can offer the LXi with pro-beam, counter-beam or symmetrical optical options. This way it can fulfill also the different lighting design requirements for tunnel lighting.

Power Generation

One of our clients wanted a light for their generator hall that would minimize their downtime. The LXi was chosen mainly because of its efficacy, great lifespan and because it has virtually no need for maintenance.

Steel Mills

Usually in environments like these the ambient temperatures are quite high. It is a problem for most LED lighting, especially for LED drivers. With the help of JUKO DC, we were able to offer our client a solution that actually works.

Pulp & Paper

High temperatures, moisture and fibers in the air; it does not sound like the most friendliest environment for LED lights. Passive cooling, great enclosure design with breather drain and IP66 rating make this light a great fit for paper industries.

Food & Bewerage

When it comes to food & beverage related industries without ATEX requirements, the main requirement is usually ISO22000 or similar. In no situation, should there be any possibility that pieces, fragments or components of luminaires could fall and be mixed with the process below. Successful installations to ISO22000 certified processes starts with quality products, like the JUKO LXi.


Small targeted areas where more light is needed? High operating temperatures? Vibration? With unique requirements, unique solutions are needed. Our industrial lights combined with centralized JUKODC distribution have been a success story in industrial cranes at locations with very high ambient temperatures.

Heavy Industries

Heavy industries is where we are at home. Our JUKO products have been designed to work in very demanding ATEX environments. Thus, heavy industrial sites are not a problem.

Chemical industry

In processes where different acids are in the air the surface treatment of a product could be the key to success. With different plastic bends and surface treatments to aluminum we can tackle most of these acid environments.


ModelCodePowerLumen OutputBeam WidthEfficacy
JUKO® LB 03700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-03700-CY022W3652119°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 03700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-03700-B2-STP22W3652120°+45°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 03700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-03700-C-STP22W3652140°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 03700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-03700-TF22W3652Asymmetric for Tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 03700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-03700-VSM22W3652150°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 03700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-03700-FS322W3652Counter beam for tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 03700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-03700-FR22W365215°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 06700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-06700-CY040W6640119°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 06700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-06700-B2-STP40W6640120°+45°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 06700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-06700-C-STP40W6640140°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 06700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-06700-TF40W6640Asymmetric for Tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 06700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-06700-VSM40W6640150°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 06700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-06700-FS340W6640Counter beam for tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 06700 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-06700-FR40W664015°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 10000 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-10000-CY060W9960119°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 10000 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-10000-B2-STP60W9960120°+45°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 10000 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-10000-C-STP60W9960140°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 10000 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-10000-TF60W9960Asymmetric for Tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 10000 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-10000-VSM60W9960150°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 10000 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-10000-FS360W9960Counter beam for tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 10000 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-10000-FR60W996015°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 13300 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-13300-CY080W13280119°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 13300 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-13300-B2-STP80W13280120°+45°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 13300 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-13300-C-STP80W13280140°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 13300 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-13300-TF80W13280Asymmetric for Tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 13300 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-13300-VSM80W13280150°~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 13300 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-13300-FS380W13280Counter beam for tunnels~166 lm/W
JUKO® LB 13300 INDUSTRIAL LUMINAIRELXi-13300-FR80W1328015°~166 lm/W

Technical Data

ModelCodeLifespanAmbient temperatureWeight
JUKO® LB XXXXX Industrial LuminairesLXi-XXXXX-XXX+100 000h @ +25°C-40°C … +60°C9,5 kg
Color temperature: 4000 K
Color Rendering index: Ra ≥ 70
IP Classification: IP 67
Input voltage range: 67…320 VAC
Frequency range: 50-60Hz
Termination: 5 pole push-in terminal, separate screw-in grounding
Cable diameter: 8-15 mm
Color: Black / Yellow
Material: Sea water resistant aluminum
Warranty: 1 year, 5 year warranty with product registration



Our vision is to bring state-of-the-art DC distribution systems that are more efficient and reliable than the ones used nowadays. Take out the weakest component (LED driver) in every luminaire and centralize the DC -distribution. As LED’s already need DC current, this is the perfect way to increase the lifespan and reliability of LED solutions.