Low Bay solution for Hazardous locations

Versatile low bay solution for Hazardous Locations. Exceptional design and top of the class components secure functionality even in the harshest of conditions.

Application: Hazardous locations, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22

Mounting: Ceiling, Wall, Pipe/Pole, Wire


Mr. Versatility. JUKO® LX is a low bay solution for ATEX/IECEx environments. It has a special PA6 blend enclosure that is definitely like no other. With a unique JUKO® optical solution, we are able to use ultra efficient LED’s and still meet the 60079-28 requirements. Easy and innovative installation adapters makes this a very fast product to install.


For all Zone1/21 and Zone2/22 applications. Perfect for low bay lighting and one of the best solutions for replacing old linear lighting fixtures.


ModelCodePowerLumen OutputBeam WidthEfficacy
JUKO® LX 03400 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-03400-06026 W3400 lm60°130 lm/W
JUKO® LX 03400 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-03400-09026 W3400 lm90°130 lm/W
JUKO® LX 05300 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-05300-06045 W5300 lm60°117 lm/W
JUKO® LX 05300 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-05300-09045 W5300 lm90°117 lm/W
JUKO® LX 06700 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-06700-06052 W6700 lm60°128 lm/W
JUKO® LX 06700 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-06700-09052 W6700 lm90°128 lm/W

Technical Data

ModelCodeLifespanAmbient temperatureWeight
JUKO® LX 03400 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-03400-XXX+100 000h @ +25°C-40°C … +60°C9 kg
JUKO® LX 05300 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-05300-XXX+100 000h @ +25°C-40°C … +60°C9 kg
JUKO® LX 06700 ATEX LUMINAIRELX-06700-XXX+100 000h @ +25°C-40°C … +60°C9 kg
Color temperature: 4000 K
Color Rendering index: Ra ≥ 70
IP Classification: IP 67 or IP 66 with Breather Drain
Input voltage range: 100…280 VAC
Frequency range: 50-60Hz
Termination: 3 pole push-in terminal
Cable diameter: 8-15 mm
Color: Black / Yellow
Material: Special PA6 Blend, PC Blend
Warranty: 1 year, 5 year warranty with product registration

EX Classification

ModelCodeGas ClassificationDust Classification
JUKO® LX XXXXX ATEX LuminairesLX-XXXXX-XXXCertification ongoingCertification ongoing