High Bay solution for Hazardous locations

Powerful high bay solution for Hazardous Locations. Exceptional design and top of the class components secure functionality even in the harshest of conditions.

Application: Hazardous locations, Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 21, Zone 22

Mounting: Ceiling, Wall, Pipe/Pole, Wire


The JUKO® HX can be operated from -40°C up to +40°C. With exceptional design solutions we’ve been able to make the luminaire virtually maintenance free. It is built with the best components to make sure it stays functional in all conditions. Different beam widths suit for all high bay needs.


This luminaire is designed for ATEX/IECEx environments, from zone 1/21 to zone 2/22. As a gas group IIC solution, it is capable of handling even the harshest of conditions. Perfect for areal lighting or other high bay needs.


ModelCodePowerLumen OutputBeam WidthEfficacy
JUKO® HX 06100 ATEX LuminaireHX-06100-055 50 W6100 lm55°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 06100 ATEX LuminaireHX-06100-040 50 W6100 lm40°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 06100 ATEX Luminaire HX-06100-02450 W6100 lm24°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 08500 ATEX LuminaireHX-08500-05570 W8500 lm55°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 08500 ATEX LuminaireHX-08500-04070 W8500 lm40°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 08500 ATEX LuminaireHX-08500-02470 W8500 lm24°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 11000 ATEX LuminaireHX-11000-05590 W11000 lm55°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 11000 ATEX LuminaireHX-11000-04090 W11000 lm40°122 lm/W
JUKO® HX 11000 ATEX LuminaireHX-11000-02490 W11000 lm24°122 lm/W

Technical Data

ModelCodeLifespanAmbient temperatureWeight
JUKO® HX 06100 ATEX Luminaires HX-06100-XXX +100 000h @ +25°C-40°C … +40°C15 kg
JUKO® HX 08500 ATEX LuminairesHX-08500-XXX+100 000h @ +25°C-40°C … +40°C15 kg
JUKO® HX 11100 ATEX LuminairesHX-11000-XXX+100 000h @ +25°C-40°C … +40°C15 kg
Color temperature: 4000 K
Color Rendering index: Ra ≥ 70
IP Classification: IP 67
Input voltage range: 67…320 VAC
Frequency range: 50-60Hz
Termination: 5 pole push-in terminal, separate screw-in grounding
Cable diameter: 8-15 mm
Color: Black / Yellow
Material: Sea water resistant aluminum
Warranty: 1 year, 5 year warranty with product registration

EX Classification

ModelCodeGas ClassificationDust Classification
JUKO® HX 06100 ATEX LuminairesHX-06100-XXXEx db eb op is IIC T5 GbEx tb op is IIIC T95°C Db
JUKO® HX 08500 ATEX LuminairesHX-08500-XXXEx db eb op is IIC T5 GbEx tb op is IIIC T95°C Db
JUKO® HX 11100 ATEX LuminairesHX-11000-XXXEx db eb op is IIC T5 GbEx tb op is IIIC T95°C Db