Hazardous locations or areas (EX/ATEX) are places where fire or explosion hazard may exist due to flammable gasses, vapors, mists, fibers or dusts. All electrical equipment that are installed in these areas must be designed according to a strict set of standards and inspected/certified by an independent third party. This process of certification guarantees that the electrical equipment is suitable to be installed in these very demanding environments.


Jukolux Oy has designed LED lights for these hazardous areas that are certified according to these very strict standards. All of our products are designed and manufactured in Finland to make sure that we deliver only the highest possible quality. With unique ideas and superb engineering, we have been able to create solutions that are safe, efficient, long-lasting and innovative.


Industrial environments can range from one extreme to another. Some areas may have very high temperatures and humidity and others can be extremely cold and dry. There might also be a lot of different acids and fibers or dust particles in the air. The possibilities and combinations are almost endless.


Therefore, the LED lights in industrial environments must be as versatile. For demanding industrial environments, we have mass-customizable products that are manufactured with the same methods as our ATEX luminaires, we just have more versatile options as there are no restricting standards. We also have FINLUX Pro solutions for less demanding environments.


We have a solution for all of your industrial lighting needs.


How to make LED lights even more efficient? Or how to utilize them for something more? JUKODC power distribution systems and JUKOMESH connectivity solutions are the answer to these questions.


With JUKODC you can save energy, have a longer lifespan and increase the versatility of installation options. With JUKOMESH you can create a full-scale network with Jukolux Oy’s luminaires. We have the solutions to take LED lighting to the next level.