Jukolux was founded in 2015 by Ismo Aukee and Sami Gräsbeck. They recognized a need for safer, better and more efficient LED lighting solutions in demanding industrial environments, like the hazardous locations (ATEX markets). During an excessive market research phase the backbone for the upcoming products was created. During 2016, in the first seed round, Martti Ehrnrooth invested in Jukolux. Ehrnrooth has a long background in industrial solutions and could be described as an industrial titan.


2016 and 2017 were dedicated on product development, finding the best possible components and partner companies. We designed, simulated, tested, re-designed and re-tested our products for thousands of hours. With involving the brightest minds of Finnish industrial scenery, we were able to create two unique solutions for the hazardous environments, the JUKO® LX and the JUKO® HX. These products have received astonishing feedback from the customers for their functionality and design.